Where Kernow Boardriders started...

We started selling Kernow Boardriders amongst friends and family way back in 2004. A few tshirts and board shorts here and there with Kernow themes and designs. The prominent St Piran flag, Splashes of Cornish tartan and Kreatures associated with the rugged Cornish peninsular has inspired the Kernow Patriots to embrace the Concept.

Before I knew it supply and demand had outgrown the back of my car and with tees selling out as quickly as they were being delivered I began expanding the Celtic clothing range.

Since then fast forward to 2020 and we are gaining quite a following with Celtic patriots home and abroad….expats flying the nostalgic St Piran’s flag from Australia, South Africa, USA  Polynesia …… and even far flung places out across the Tamar in Devon!!!

Whether it’s a hoodie, a pair of boardie’s or beanie we’ve given it that little bit of Kernow identity. We never do more than 50 pcs in each design so you know when you buy a KBR piece of apparel you belong to small club of followers.

We are no retail giant in the surf/snow/skate world…so what do we represent?

The Cornish like most Celtic communities are a very patriotic bunch so other than wearing a kilt in the surf, on the half pipe or down the slopes we felt apparel was needed with the true spirit of the Kernow origins, The essence of Kernow boardriders is based on the colours of Cornish tartan and the legend that is St Piran, and these are both evident in design.

So if you’re after something a little different and like the connection with the rugged South West then grab some threads and wear with pride.

Kernow Boardriders Team

Lee Griffin
Pegleg Bennett
Adaptive World Champion
Andrew Griffin
Tom Peck